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MATCH RESULTS SUNDAY 25-11-2012 Rileys pool

Results for open match fished Sunday 25-11-2012 at Rileys pool. 1st.  Dennis Silvester  10-14-0 (2 carp one at 5-14-0 and a few bits from peg 26.)  2nd.  Gary Jones 3-0-4 (Skimmers and bits from peg 10.)  3rd.  Bob Parrish 1-15-8 (Bits from peg 7.)

MATCH RESULTS SUNDAY 18-11-2012 Canal Wharfe boats.

Open match results for match fished Sunday 18-11-2012 at the canal Goldstone Wharfe boats. 1st. Roy Cooper 6-13-0 (all bits on maggot punch and caster off peg 1.) 2nd. Grant Wilde 2-0-0 (all tiny fish squat and pinkie from peg 6.) 3rd. John Bullough 1-13-8 (mainly roach on punch and pinkie from peg 2.)

MATCH RESULTS SUNDAY 11-11-2012 Rileys Pool.

Open match results for match fished Sunday 11-11-2012 at Rileys Pool. After another Saturday night heavy frost fish were again hard to find with 3 dry nets. Top 2 weights were still reasonable though. 1st.  Ian Watson 11-5-0 (Mixed bag of carp skimmers and bits from peg 10.) 2nd.  Dave Jones 9-0-0 (mainly carp caught […]

MATCH RESULTS SUNDAY 04-11-2012 Plewes pool

Results for match fished Sunday 04-11-2012 at Plewes pool.1st.  Terry Nutt  7-8-0 (1 small bream and skimmers caught on pellet from peg 5.)  2nd. Dave3 Jones  7-2-0 (3 bream and a few bits from peg 12.)  3rd. Roy Cooper 5-1-0 (all bits caught on maggot and caster from peg 9.)

MATCH RESULTS SUNDAY 28-10-2012 Canal Goldstone Wharfe

Results for match fished sunday 23-102012 at the Canal Goldstone Wharfe in the Trees.  1st.  Bernie Leatherbarrow 6-7-0 ( 2 good perch one was nearly 2lb. and bits from peg 87.)  2nd.  Roy Cooper 4-8-0 ( 1 good bream and bits fed squats fished red maggots on peg 93.)  3rd.  Ray Edge 3-2-8 (all bits from […]

MATCH RESULTS SUNDAY 21-10-2012 Plewes Pool.

Results for match fished Sunday 21-10-2012 at Plewes Pool.  1st.  Andy Peate  8-2-8 (1 good carp and a few bits from peg 1.)  2nd.  Chris Hughes 8-0-8  ( 5 bream and a few bits from peg 4.)  3rd.  Garry Jones  7-5-0 ( 3 bream and bits  from peg 11.)