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Buying Bait

This year we’ve quite a few members, who may be wondering where they can buy fishing bait in the local area – now that Bloomingtails in Drayton no longer do so (they still sell a bit of tackle though). Well, fear not – you can buy most baits from the club’s Vice Chair, Roy Cooper. […]

Website Updates

To keep up with advancing technology, our website will have a minor makeover soon. Thanks to Eric’s skills/commitment we will be adding a page on coaching opportunities we are running/involved in. We will also be dropping the match results pages, mainly because it is easier/more appropriate to keep such regular/fast changing news on our Facebook […]

Re-opening of Club Waters

In line with new ‘phase 1’ Government Covid 19 guidelines, and related advice from the Angling Trust and the Canal and River Trust, we are re-opening all our Club Waters from Wednesday 13th May 2020. In doing so, we wish to ensure the continued safety of our members so the re-opening is under the following […]

Share some favourite moments!

As an inspiration to others to go fishing/join our club (once this Covid crisis has abated) why not use this ‘downtime’ to dust off your digital (phone/camera) images of favourite swims, places or catches on HAC waters and send them to us for a photo gallery ? We won’t use your name or any personal […]


Further to the previous post, we unfortunately have to report an incidence of an angler trying to fish Hammersley’s Pool – contrary to the club’s closure instructions. Even more serious, on so many levels, when challenged to leave by the water’s owner the person involved was abusive/argumentative. Please be clear, such behaviour will not be […]


In line with guidance just issued by the Angling Trust and the Canal and River Trust – all based on the Government’s latest Covid 19 [Coronavirus] restrictions /precautions, all Club Waters are now closed for fishing – to Club Members or other authorised users. That said, if anyone does visit for legitimate non angling purposes, […]

Meet ‘Son of Eric’!

Our enterprising Chairman, Eric, has unveiled his new ‘Scare Angler’ for Ryleys Pool – to help deter Cormorants and Goosanders. Please don’t distract him or interfere in his valuable work!!!