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Buying Bait

This year we’ve quite a few members, who may be wondering where they can buy fishing bait in the local area – now that Bloomingtails in Drayton no longer do so (they still sell a bit of tackle though).

Well, fear not – you can buy most baits from the club’s Vice Chair, Roy Cooper. His contact number is in the Clubcard – just give him a ring beforehand to arrange.

Website Updates

To keep up with advancing technology, our website will have a minor makeover soon.

Thanks to Eric’s skills/commitment we will be adding a page on coaching opportunities we are running/involved in.

We will also be dropping the match results pages, mainly because it is easier/more appropriate to keep such regular/fast changing news on our Facebook page – search Hodnet Angling Club to find us/it.

Club Matches & Keepnet use to Resume – 4th June 2020

As per Government approved (new) Angling Trust guidelines, Hodnet Angling Club matches will resume on Thursday June 4th – starting at Preeswood Pool, and which will then continue as per clubcard info. In addition, subject to usual club rules, keepnets can again be used.


KEEP NETS will now be allowed for pleasure fishing on all club waters – with the exception of Preeswood, where a no keep net rule is followed except in matches. Note Most fish at the present time will, hopefully, be spawning so please use discretion for the well being of our fish stocks.

Obey all social distancing rules, and use relevent protective measures.

MATCH ORGANISER will provide receptacle for pool money (bring the correct amount).

THE DRAW will be conducted by the Match Organiser by placing the peg numbers in a draw bag and draw them out for each angler.

THE WEIGH IN will see the weigh net placed 2metres away from the person to weigh in, with the Match Organiser then standing 2 metres away whilst the angler transfers his catch from his keep net into the weigh net and then stands 2 metres clear. The Match Organiser will then weigh and record the weight and return the competitors fish into the water. This procedure will then be repeated for each competitor.

THE PAYOUT will be done by the Match Organiser using disposable gloves to lay out the winnings for the competitors to collect, either in an envelope or similar.

All competitors MUST adhere to these recommendations. Keep your distance, stay safe and remember we are lucky and privileged to be one of the sports to be able to return to some form of normality – don’t give anyone an excuse to go backwards!

Re-opening of Club Waters

In line with new ‘phase 1’ Government Covid 19 guidelines, and related advice from the Angling Trust and the Canal and River Trust, we are re-opening all our Club Waters from Wednesday 13th May 2020.

In doing so, we wish to ensure the continued safety of our members so the re-opening is under the following terms. Please ensure you understand and accept them before venturing out!


IMPORTANT. These additional rules now form part of the club’s Angling Rules and failure to follow them, or causing related offence/nuisance to other anglers/users, will be treated as a serious disciplinary offence – which could lead to expulsion from The Club.

a/ Fishing allowed in designated swims only.
b/ Adjacent swims must not be used if they are less than 4 metres apart (to help maintain ‘social distancing’).
c/ Only one angler per swim, unless being shared with other members of your household, e.g. a child/partner member of The Club.
d/ No matches.
e/ No keep nets.
f/ Leave nothing of yours behind which you have touched – which, of course, includes taking your waste/litter home!

The Club also recommends that you wash your hands/use gel after touching gates/padlocks/handrails, etc, and that you avoid close contact with/respect the privacy of others who may be at the water.

*These rules/terms of access will be kept under review and may be adjusted as felt necessary – keep an eye on the website or our facebook pages.

Amended 27th May 2020 – D/ and E/ deleted, see separate post re Club Matches Resuming

Observance of these rules should help to keep you/others safe whilst fishing. However, remember you are primarily responsible for your safety – so do take care, and fish responsibly.

A/ OBTAIN YOUR 2020 – 2021 CLUB CARD – See important previous post HERE. Above all, please respect the privacy/any desire for ‘social distancing’ of Roger Higginson and his family and follow his directions.
– Clubcard renewals (not new memberships) can still be handled by post if you prefer, see previous post [as above].
– If you already this years clubcard the gate code has been changed back to match the number shown on it.


We also recommend that you keep abreast of the Covid 19 guidance on the Angling Trust’s website, see HERE and
the general advice from Canal and River Trust (CRT) HERE

Share some favourite moments!

As an inspiration to others to go fishing/join our club (once this Covid crisis has abated) why not use this ‘downtime’ to dust off your digital (phone/camera) images of favourite swims, places or catches on HAC waters and send them to us for a photo gallery ?

We won’t use your name or any personal details, unless you tell us you are happy for us to to so

E-mail photos, as attachments,  to the address shown on the homepage and we’ll look at publishing the best ) or any ?!) shortly.


Further to the previous post, we unfortunately have to report an incidence of an angler trying to fish Hammersley’s Pool – contrary to the club’s closure instructions.

Even more serious, on so many levels, when challenged to leave by the water’s owner the person involved was abusive/argumentative.

Please be clear, such behaviour will not be tolerated by the club. Any member found to have breached the temporary closure rule will face disciplinary action – with a life ban likely.

Angling may seem like a solitary activity, but it isn’t if we all try and do it! …… In any event, it is against current government rules.

Not only does the club’s reputation/ability to lease waters depend upon our members observing the rules, it is also necessary to minimise risk – and potentially save your and other people’s lives.

To help reinforce the point, all our waters now have the enclosed closure notice posted. In addition, water’s with lockable gates have had the padlock codes changed.

If you know of any members who do not have e-mail/web access [a surprising number appear not to] do them a favour and tell them of the current restrictions.

Please respect this notice/our rules.

Look after yourselves and others, and hunker down until happier times prevail.


In line with guidance just issued by the Angling Trust and the Canal and River Trust – all based on the Government’s latest Covid 19 [Coronavirus] restrictions /precautions, all Club Waters are now closed for fishing – to Club Members or other authorised users.

That said, if anyone does visit for legitimate non angling purposes, e.g exercise, and sees anything amiss please do report it to a Committee member – details on Clubcards* and our website.

*By way of reminder, see previous posts, Clubcards for 2020-2021 remain available [postal applications preferred in current circumstances!]. The Club would appreciate it if members, wherever possible, continued their support by renewing their membership – hopefully in anticipation of better times ahead.

Stay safe and well – tight lines!

2020-2021 Club Cards now available.

Preeswood Match Result – 13 Feb 2020

In a club match today, carp came to the fore as Steve Neil took the honours with 42lbs, 12 oz, 8 drams. He was closely followed by Marc Roberts with 34lb, 10 oz, 8 drams, with Bob Parrish third at 16 lb, 12 oz.

Weather was cold, breezy but bright.


Meet ‘Son of Eric’!

Our enterprising Chairman, Eric, has unveiled his new ‘Scare Angler’ for Ryleys Pool – to help deter Cormorants and Goosanders. Please don’t distract him or interfere in his valuable work!!!

Our Chairman, Eric’s, new ‘Scare Angler’ for Ryleys Pool – to deter Cormorants and Goosanders