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Share some favourite moments!

As an inspiration to others to go fishing/join our club (once this Covid crisis has abated) why not use this ‘downtime’ to dust off your digital (phone/camera) images of favourite swims, places or catches on HAC waters and send them to us for a photo gallery ?

We won’t use your name or any personal details, unless you tell us you are happy for us to to so

E-mail photos, as attachments,  to the address shown on the homepage and we’ll look at publishing the best ) or any ?!) shortly.


Further to the previous post, we unfortunately have to report an incidence of an angler trying to fish Hammersley’s Pool – contrary to the club’s closure instructions.

Even more serious, on so many levels, when challenged to leave by the water’s owner the person involved was abusive/argumentative.

Please be clear, such behaviour will not be tolerated by the club. Any member found to have breached the temporary closure rule will face disciplinary action – with a life ban likely.

Angling may seem like a solitary activity, but it isn’t if we all try and do it! …… In any event, it is against current government rules.

Not only does the club’s reputation/ability to lease waters depend upon our members observing the rules, it is also necessary to minimise risk – and potentially save your and other people’s lives.

To help reinforce the point, all our waters now have the enclosed closure notice posted. In addition, water’s with lockable gates have had the padlock codes changed.

If you know of any members who do not have e-mail/web access [a surprising number appear not to] do them a favour and tell them of the current restrictions.

Please respect this notice/our rules.

Look after yourselves and others, and hunker down until happier times prevail.


In line with guidance just issued by the Angling Trust and the Canal and River Trust – all based on the Government’s latest Covid 19 [Coronavirus] restrictions /precautions, all Club Waters are now closed for fishing – to Club Members or other authorised users.

That said, if anyone does visit for legitimate non angling purposes, e.g exercise, and sees anything amiss please do report it to a Committee member – details on Clubcards* and our website.

*By way of reminder, see previous posts, Clubcards for 2020-2021 remain available [postal applications preferred in current circumstances!]. The Club would appreciate it if members, wherever possible, continued their support by renewing their membership – hopefully in anticipation of better times ahead.

Stay safe and well – tight lines!

2020-2021 Club Cards now available.

Preeswood Match Result – 13 Feb 2020

In a club match today, carp came to the fore as Steve Neil took the honours with 42lbs, 12 oz, 8 drams. He was closely followed by Marc Roberts with 34lb, 10 oz, 8 drams, with Bob Parrish third at 16 lb, 12 oz.

Weather was cold, breezy but bright.


Meet ‘Son of Eric’!

Our enterprising Chairman, Eric, has unveiled his new ‘Scare Angler’ for Ryleys Pool – to help deter Cormorants and Goosanders. Please don’t distract him or interfere in his valuable work!!!

Our Chairman, Eric’s, new ‘Scare Angler’ for Ryleys Pool – to deter Cormorants and Goosanders

2020 AGM

This year’s Annual General Meeting will take place on Wed 12th Feb, starting at 8pm, at the Hodnet Social Club – next to the school in Hodnet.

If you’ve not been before, its the annual meeting where those present [re]elect the club’s committee and officers for the year ahead, and a formal review of last year is presented to members.

This is also a chance to hear members views and/or consider formal proposals for rule changes and the like. So, if there is anything that you’d like to raise/have raised please get in touch with Terry Nutt immediately, and he can talk you through AGM procedures – see our constitution HERE.

After the AGM a free light supper is served.

Hope to see many of you there!

Improved Access at Preeswood Pool

We’ve recently been able to have the ‘spare’ 20 tons of stone stacked at this pool spread and levelled – to complete/extend the car park and extend the surfaced path along one of the banks.

We’ve also been able to specifically improve access for disabled members by slightly widening one of the ramps from the car park down to the disabled pegs.

Preeswood Pool – New Bankside Path

Improved Car Park – Preeswood Pool
Improved disabled access – Preeswood Pool

Fish Stocking

Your Committtee are pleased to have been able to arrange for approx. 165lb of skimmer (hand sized) bream to be stocked into Ryleys Pool at the end of November.

Division 2 National – Results – Updated

Hodnet Angling Club were the hosts for this year’s Division 2 National match angling competition, held on the 14th September 2019 and run in conjunction with the Canal and River Trust and the Angling Trust.

This prestigious event saw 42 teams fishing, with most of the match fished on our club’s own extensive canal waters, but a few lengths were held on waters loaned by neighbouring club’s. Although the weather on the day was terrific (for sun bathing!) it wasn’t perhaps ideal for fishing, not least as it came on the back of a changeable week beforehand. As a result some teams/anglers struggled to catch well.

The key results are summarised here: team winners (and other photos) can be found below.

Individual Weights

1st Colin Harris Browning Northants  11Kg 480gms

2nd Davis Gorton East Lynx Match Squad  7Kg 900gms

3rd Tim Worsnop  Matrix Halifax  5kg 690gms

Team Points

1st Crewe Match Group  354 pts  23Kg 760gms (Team weight)

2nd Wigan Match Group  332 pts  19Kg 610gms

3rd Browning Northants  327 pts  29Kg  830gms

Best Hodnet Club Performers

Dave Matson  34 points

Les Olszewski  33 points

1st – Crewe Match Team, below.

2nd were the Browning Northants Team, below, who had amongst their midst the individual match winner Colin Harris – with an impressive weight of 11.48 KG.

Colin Harris

3rd were Wigan Match Team, below.

Great reports were received, both before and after the match, about our club’s Dave Watkins’ thorough organisation, ably assisted by Terry Nutt and others from our club. A huge amount of work goes on ‘behind the scenes’ if such events are to run smoothly, much of it a testament to Dave’s special interest and commitment.

Dave giving his introductory talk at the presentation ceremony

Grateful thanks are due to all who assisted, plus of course all those who took part.

One of the many ‘Weighing in’ at the end of the match.