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Fish Stocking

Your Committtee are pleased to have been able to arrange for approx. 165lb of skimmer (hand sized) bream to be stocked into Ryleys Pool at the end of November.

Division 2 National – Results – Updated

Hodnet Angling Club were the hosts for this year’s Division 2 National match angling competition, held on the 14th September 2019 and run in conjunction with the Canal and River Trust and the Angling Trust.

This prestigious event saw 42 teams fishing, with most of the match fished on our club’s own extensive canal waters, but a few lengths were held on waters loaned by neighbouring club’s. Although the weather on the day was terrific (for sun bathing!) it wasn’t perhaps ideal for fishing, not least as it came on the back of a changeable week beforehand. As a result some teams/anglers struggled to catch well.

The key results are summarised here: team winners (and other photos) can be found below.

Individual Weights

1st Colin Harris Browning Northants  11Kg 480gms

2nd Davis Gorton East Lynx Match Squad  7Kg 900gms

3rd Tim Worsnop  Matrix Halifax  5kg 690gms

Team Points

1st Crewe Match Group  354 pts  23Kg 760gms (Team weight)

2nd Wigan Match Group  332 pts  19Kg 610gms

3rd Browning Northants  327 pts  29Kg  830gms

Best Hodnet Club Performers

Dave Matson  34 points

Les Olszewski  33 points

1st – Crewe Match Team, below.

2nd were the Browning Northants Team, below, who had amongst their midst the individual match winner Colin Harris – with an impressive weight of 11.48 KG.

Colin Harris

3rd were Wigan Match Team, below.

Great reports were received, both before and after the match, about our club’s Dave Watkins’ thorough organisation, ably assisted by Terry Nutt and others from our club. A huge amount of work goes on ‘behind the scenes’ if such events are to run smoothly, much of it a testament to Dave’s special interest and commitment.

Dave giving his introductory talk at the presentation ceremony

Grateful thanks are due to all who assisted, plus of course all those who took part.

One of the many ‘Weighing in’ at the end of the match.

Preeswood Pool – Caution

Following reports of a few dead carp/fish in distress (including a suspicion of possible KHV) we have had the Environment Agency visit to check the water/provide advice.

With no dead fish evident on the day of the visit KHV could not be confirmed, and it seems most likely we have a ‘seasonal’ algal bloom – which results in dissolved oxygen levels fluctuating and stressing the fish, particularly as they come out of their winter dormancy.

Anglers can help the fishery during this period by not overfeeding bait and not keeping fish in keepnets (we have a rule banning the keeping of fish over 3lb in keepemets anyway).

In the interests of good fishery hygiene, members are reminded of the benefits of thoroughly drying landing/keep nets between trips to different waters.

As with any of our waters, the Committee would appreciate receiving reports/photos of any dead or seemingly injured/ill fish seen or caught.

Division 2 National – 2019 Info

Once again HAC is hosting this prestigious competition on our stretches of the CRT’s Shropshire Union Canal.

The main competition is being held on Sept 14th 2019, but there are plenty of open and practice matches being held beforehand over the summer, which will result in stretches being closed to members for their duration. Relevant dates will be shown in the new [2019] Clubcard, but the planned dates plus fuller details can all be viewed now HERE

This post would not be complete without mention of the huge amount of work our ‘very own’ Dave Watkins and Terry Nutt are putting into the organisation of this event. Their dedication not only brings a significant boost to the club’s finances [which can be spent for benefit of all members] but also raises our profile with CRT, the Angling Trust and other bodies – and not forgetting other anglers/clubs too.

As ever, some volunteers are needed to help out on the main day, and beforehand, and Dave would be grateful for any offers on this front. his details are in the Clubcard  and can be found on the CRT webpages – see link above.

Funeral – Jim Humphreys

It is with great sadness that we have to inform members of the sudden death of Jim last Friday [8th March].

Jim was not only a long term supporter/member of HAC, but also took that extra step of serving The Club’s interests by being on The Committee for many years too. We will miss his contribution.

On behalf of The Club, Terry Nutt [Secretary] has expressed our condolences to his wife [Val] and family; and they will no doubt be in the thoughts of many members who knew Jim.

A celebration of Jim’s life has now been arranged for 12 noon on Friday 22nd March at St Alkmunds Church, Whitchurch. Jim’s wife, Val, requests that those attending opt for smart casual dress, ideally with a hint of royal blue in respect of his love of Chelsea football club.

Meet the new Chairman

At the recent AGM Barry Pilgrim retired as our Chairman, with the thanks of the Committee and members present expressed for his succesful couple of years in the role. In his place the Committee was very grateful to have a willing volunteer to take his place, namely ERIC BROWN.

Eric brings great enthusiasm and angling experience to the role, and has provided this following brief profile for members curiosity/interest.

Hello. I am 56 years old and have been fishing for around 52 of those years. I have caught 86 species of fish in 16 different countries and have tried many disciplines, and indeed am trying new ones as we speak (pole and dropshotting).

I have been in many clubs and have always got involved in some way shape or form, and have really enjoying my time in HAC. I’ve met some really great people and especially those on the committee – in fact it took me a while to realise I was on The Committee (last year) thanks to Terry [Nutt’s] special manipulation skills!

The team running this club are really special and I feel honoured to be part of it.

In the past I have particularly enjoyed teaching kids to fish (friends and family), but have now taken this to a new level by becoming a level 2 coach for the Canal and River Trust.

I am a qualified first aider and have also passed my safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults.

Ultimately I would like to develop a junior section within the club, with a goal of entering a team in the junior national – no pressure there then!

I also have some ideas on future proofing the club: things like stock ponds ,netting parties and
breeding our own fish to cope with predation.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to meeting you all on the bank sometime – but don’t forget if any of you want to get in touch at any time i’ll be pleased to hear from you – contact details for me and the other committee members will be on the new clubcards out soon.

AGM News – £5 Fee increase 2020

We had a reasonable turn out for the AGM – but, as ever, more would always be welcome!

On a separate post you’ll find some details of our new Chairman, with this post simply is intended to alert members to a resolution that was passed to increase annual ADULT membership fees by £5 – i.e. for those paying both the normal adult rate and those paying the discounted OAP rate.


In making this change the Committee wishes to stress that it is the first increase in many years; and despite having healthy membership levels it is needed to reflect increasing club costs and the significant money that has been, and indeed still is, being spent on improving/re-stocking our varied waters.

It is hoped members view the increase as amounting to less than the cost of an average single day ticket on most commercial waters, and will feel that the revised annual fees still represent very good value compared to other local clubs.

Lost Tackle – FOUND @Preeswood Pool

Re: below, this has now been recovered byTerry Nutt when fishing. WELL DONE TERRY, ONE THAT DIDN’T GET AWAY!

One of our members has had his rod and reel, etc pulled off his rest and into Preeswood pool on Saturday 16th Feb.

If found, or maybe seen floating, our member would dearly like it back – so please get in touch with Terry Nutt [details on clubcard] and he will put you both in touch/help facilitate its return.


AGM 2019 – Wed 13th Feb

This years AGM is fast approaching, and will be held at at the Hodnet Social Club – starting at 7.30pm.

As usual, some food refreshments will be provided later on.

If you have anything you’d like raised at the AGM, have a resolution you’d like to submit or would like to put yourself forward to join the Committee please do get in touch with Terry Nutt, or another committee member, ASAP but BEFORE 22 Jan 2019 – as the committee meets the following day to finalise preparations for the AGM.

In addition to the election of a new Chairman (Eric Brown), one other topic that may be debated is the need for a small increase in membership fees – which if formally tabled and passed would be the first for several years.





October CRT ‘Fishing Taster’ sessions

Members are advised that CRT are running two free sessions on our waters for people/youngsters who wish to try out angling.

These are on October 26th at Preeswood Pool and October 28th by bridge 51 on the canal nr Soudley.

Members wanting to fish those waters on that day will may not be able to fish particular swims – but your co-operation is requested. The events operate from 10AM – to 4.30PM.

If members know anyone who may wish to take part, as them to ‘book in’ via the CRT website: