Preeswood Match Result – 13 Feb 2020

In a club match today, carp came to the fore as Steve Neil took the honours with 42lbs, 12 oz, 8 drams. He was closely followed by Marc Roberts with 34lb, 10 oz, 8 drams, with Bob Parrish third at 16 lb, 12 oz.

Weather was cold, breezy but bright.


Improved Access at Preeswood Pool

We’ve recently been able to have the ‘spare’ 20 tons of stone stacked at this pool spread and levelled – to complete/extend the car park and extend the surfaced path along one of the banks.

We’ve also been able to specifically improve access for disabled members by slightly widening one of the ramps from the car park down to the disabled pegs.

Preeswood Pool – New Bankside Path

Improved Car Park – Preeswood Pool
Improved disabled access – Preeswood Pool

Preeswood Pool – Caution

Following reports of a few dead carp/fish in distress (including a suspicion of possible KHV) we have had the Environment Agency visit to check the water/provide advice.

With no dead fish evident on the day of the visit KHV could not be confirmed, and it seems most likely we have a ‘seasonal’ algal bloom – which results in dissolved oxygen levels fluctuating and stressing the fish, particularly as they come out of their winter dormancy.

Anglers can help the fishery during this period by not overfeeding bait and not keeping fish in keepnets (we have a rule banning the keeping of fish over 3lb in keepemets anyway).

In the interests of good fishery hygiene, members are reminded of the benefits of thoroughly drying landing/keep nets between trips to different waters.

As with any of our waters, the Committee would appreciate receiving reports/photos of any dead or seemingly injured/ill fish seen or caught.

Lost Tackle – FOUND @Preeswood Pool

Re: below, this has now been recovered byTerry Nutt when fishing. WELL DONE TERRY, ONE THAT DIDN’T GET AWAY!

One of our members has had his rod and reel, etc pulled off his rest and into Preeswood pool on Saturday 16th Feb.

If found, or maybe seen floating, our member would dearly like it back – so please get in touch with Terry Nutt [details on clubcard] and he will put you both in touch/help facilitate its return.


Ted Cartright Trophy – Results

After a gap of a few years, the Ted Cartright Trophy was fished for on Sunday 10th Aug at Preeswood Pool.

Congratulations to the winner Geoff Perkins, with 38lb, 4oz.


2nd was Bob Parrish with 31lb, 5 oz; 3rd Roy Cooper with 20lb, 11oz and 4th was Liam Moore with 19lb, 4oz.

All bags consisted of carp in the 2-5lb bracket, the winning pegs being 4/12/9 and 10 respectively.

Note. Ted Cartright was a founder member of the club.


Preeswood Pool Event – 16th July

On the afternoon of Sunday 16th July, from 3pm to around 6pm, Preeswood Pool will be used for a ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ event, a free coaching event aimed at encouraging youngsters to consider angling as a hobby/pastime/sport- and run for the club by the Get Hooked on Fishing charity. In return they only ask:

a/ For loan of a club water – which HAC is happy to provide.

b/ If any club members have spare items of fishing tackle, would they consider donating them to the charity for re-use by youngsters wishing to start fishing. You can drop them off with Terry Nutt beforehand or bring them along on the day.

b/ Some club members attend to assist with general advice/coaching on the day.

Marcus Watkin is the main organiser of this event on behalf of the club, and has already emailed members with a request for assistance. If you’d like to confirm your help or contact Marcus with any queries, please e-mail



Preeswood Progress

A spell of fine weather has enabled Martin to crack on with the work, and the scheme is entering its final stage.

The poolside paths have been levelled and part surfaced, and the new easy access (disabled access) pegs built.

The bank around the other side of the pool has been reduced in height/widened, making access to pegs that side easier too.

Work on the car park and approach paths plus construction of new pegs on the widened bank is proceeding.

The pool remains open for fishing, but clearly the contractor needs to have priority in terms of access to areas where they need to be working – and for safety reasons members cannot fish them at the same time.

New access path - top of pool

New access path – top of pool

View of pool corner

View of pool corner

New single peg

New single peg

New double peg

New double peg

New access path from car park

New access path from car park

Preeswood Progress

As you may be aware, work has started at Preeswood.

Real progress is being made, see our updated webpage for details/photos.

Re-stocking completed

A spell of good weather means that the planned re-stocking, of Hammerlsey Spring Pools with a range of silver fish and Preeswood with some carp,  has been completed.

Preeswood Pool – Good News

We’ve just heard that our grant application to fund a new car park and access paths/disabled angler pegs at Preeswood Pool has been approved.

This means that work can now proceed, the aim being to complete this before next spring.

Further detail can be viewed here