Club Matches & Keepnet use to Resume – 4th June 2020

As per Government approved (new) Angling Trust guidelines, Hodnet Angling Club matches will resume on Thursday June 4th – starting at Preeswood Pool, and which will then continue as per clubcard info. In addition, subject to usual club rules, keepnets can again be used.


KEEP NETS will now be allowed for pleasure fishing on all club waters – with the exception of Preeswood, where a no keep net rule is followed except in matches. Note Most fish at the present time will, hopefully, be spawning so please use discretion for the well being of our fish stocks.

Obey all social distancing rules, and use relevent protective measures.

MATCH ORGANISER will provide receptacle for pool money (bring the correct amount).

THE DRAW will be conducted by the Match Organiser by placing the peg numbers in a draw bag and draw them out for each angler.

THE WEIGH IN will see the weigh net placed 2metres away from the person to weigh in, with the Match Organiser then standing 2 metres away whilst the angler transfers his catch from his keep net into the weigh net and then stands 2 metres clear. The Match Organiser will then weigh and record the weight and return the competitors fish into the water. This procedure will then be repeated for each competitor.

THE PAYOUT will be done by the Match Organiser using disposable gloves to lay out the winnings for the competitors to collect, either in an envelope or similar.

All competitors MUST adhere to these recommendations. Keep your distance, stay safe and remember we are lucky and privileged to be one of the sports to be able to return to some form of normality – don’t give anyone an excuse to go backwards!

Preeswood Match Result – 13 Feb 2020

In a club match today, carp came to the fore as Steve Neil took the honours with 42lbs, 12 oz, 8 drams. He was closely followed by Marc Roberts with 34lb, 10 oz, 8 drams, with Bob Parrish third at 16 lb, 12 oz.

Weather was cold, breezy but bright.


2020 AGM

This year’s Annual General Meeting will take place on Wed 12th Feb, starting at 8pm, at the Hodnet Social Club – next to the school in Hodnet.

If you’ve not been before, its the annual meeting where those present [re]elect the club’s committee and officers for the year ahead, and a formal review of last year is presented to members.

This is also a chance to hear members views and/or consider formal proposals for rule changes and the like. So, if there is anything that you’d like to raise/have raised please get in touch with Terry Nutt immediately, and he can talk you through AGM procedures – see our constitution HERE.

After the AGM a free light supper is served.

Hope to see many of you there!

Funeral – Jim Humphreys

It is with great sadness that we have to inform members of the sudden death of Jim last Friday [8th March].

Jim was not only a long term supporter/member of HAC, but also took that extra step of serving The Club’s interests by being on The Committee for many years too. We will miss his contribution.

On behalf of The Club, Terry Nutt [Secretary] has expressed our condolences to his wife [Val] and family; and they will no doubt be in the thoughts of many members who knew Jim.

A celebration of Jim’s life has now been arranged for 12 noon on Friday 22nd March at St Alkmunds Church, Whitchurch. Jim’s wife, Val, requests that those attending opt for smart casual dress, ideally with a hint of royal blue in respect of his love of Chelsea football club.

Results at the Marina Market Drayton Sunday 19-11-2017.

Results of the  Club match fished at the Marina Market Drayton on Sunday 19-11-2017. After overnight frost and the locks closed at Tyrley with clear water conditions were very hard and fish were tightly shoaled. 1st. Steve Fogal 27-5-0 ( A runaway leader off the unfancied peg 15, caught big fish on and off throughout the match on bread punch.) 2nd. Daniel Yale 7-7-0 ( Good quality roach again on bread punch off peg 5.) 3rd. Chris Morris 6-8-0 ( Started to catch later in the match, a mixed bag on the caster off peg 9.)  Most anglers struggled for a pound of fish and there was even dry nets.

Cormorants and Gooseanders

The Angling Trust have sent us a round robin e-mail, part of which [pasted below] maybe of interest to members.


The Angling Trust recognise the enormous damage that cormorants and goosanders can do to fish stocks in both rivers and still waters. We want to do more to enable fishery managers to be allowed to control these highly destructive birds.

We’ve written to the Fisheries Minister, George Eustice, demanding a doubling of the number of cormorants licensed to be shot in England annually to 6,000 and for the removal of requirements for evidence that goosanders are damaging fisheries before a licence will be issued.

We’ve relaunched the Cormorant Watch website for you to log sightings of cormorants and goosanders. The data provided will help us push for more effective control of these birds in England, Wales and Scotland, where goosanders in particular predate heavily on declining salmon stocks.

Results at the Marina Market Drayton on Thursday 12-10-2017.

Results of the Club match fished in the Marina Market Drayton on Thursday 12-10-2017. 1st. Rob Yeomans 10-1-0 ( With 6 perch around a pound a piece and bits caught on caster tipped with a pinkie off peg 8.) 2nd. Roy Cooper 7-9-0 ( A good bream, Hybrid and bits caught on assorted baits off peg 12.) 3rd. John Bullough 6-2-0 ( A good bag of bits caught on bread punch off peg 10.)

Results at Ryleys Pool on Sunday 08-10-2017.

Results of the Open match fished at Ryleys pool on Sunday 08-10-2017. With the Pool restocked on the Friday before the match, the resident seemed to be upset and refused to feed. 1st was Dave Davies 13-0-0 (a small carp some newly stocked F1s and bits caught on pellet off peg 12.) 2nd. John McCann 12-13-0 (With a similar bag of fish caught on pole fished pellet.) 3rd. Bob Parrish 12-6-0 ( Again a similar bag caught on pole fished maggot off peg 22.)

Results at Hammersley Spring Pools on Thursday 05-10-2017.

Results of the Open match fished at Hammersley Spring Pools on Thursday 05-10-2017. Well just me again weighed in 14-1-0 4 carp and bits caught on pole fished paste and corn off peg 17.)

Results for match fished on the canal at the Wharf Goldstone Sunday 27-09-2015.

Again cold temperatures slowed the fish down and weights were low and both end pegs produced reasonable weights. 1st. Roy Cooper 6-2-0 (4 good perch, some good roach and plenty of bits caught on worm and maggot off peg 89.) 2nd. Rob Yeomans 5-4-4 (again some good perch but less bits caught on worm and caster off peg 97.) 3rd. John Bullough 2-1-0 (plenty of very small fish mainly gudgeon caught on pinkie off peg 95.)