National Competition

As you may be aware, our club played a big part in this years CRT angling competition finals.

In particular, Terry Nutt and Dave Watkins devoted a huge amount of time and effort to this and not oly was this recognised by CRT but deserves the heartfelt thanks of all our members for raising the profile of our club and the CRT waters we fish. Well done guys!

You can find more info and results on this webpage.

Results at Prees Wood Pool on Sunday 15-10-2017.

With the new stock added and settling down the pool continues to improve. 1st Terry Nutt 57-7-0 (With some good feeder practice recently in Ireland, fished a long distance feeder to the island opposite peg 6, caught steadily on sweetcorn throughout the match.) 2nd. Calvyn Peate 42-11-0 ( Again fishing the feeder against the island caught on pellet off peg 12.) 3rd. Andy Peate 20-15-0 ( 3 good carp caught late, on pole fished paste off peg 5.) There was a tie for 4th place 20-10-0 Ian Ellis ( Carp and a Bream and bits off peg 3.) and carp angler Eric Brown ( Just a single carp; the same carp caught last match at 20-03-0).

Results at the Marina Market Drayton on Thursday 12-10-2017.

Results of the Club match fished in the Marina Market Drayton on Thursday 12-10-2017. 1st. Rob Yeomans 10-1-0 ( With 6 perch around a pound a piece and bits caught on caster tipped with a pinkie off peg 8.) 2nd. Roy Cooper 7-9-0 ( A good bream, Hybrid and bits caught on assorted baits off peg 12.) 3rd. John Bullough 6-2-0 ( A good bag of bits caught on bread punch off peg 10.)