1st day results – Tern Fisheries 1st terry nutt 72-15 -0 2nd john gretton 34-3-0 3rd ian ellis 27-0-0
2nd day Ryleys pools – 1st bernie leatherbarrow 14-5-0 2ndpeter burrell 12-5-0 3rd bob parrish 10-15-0

3rd day Goldstone canal – 1st bernie leatherbarrow 9-11-0 2nd chris morris 5-2-0 3rd tony keeling 5-0-0

Festival winner – Bernie Leatherbarrow 3 points

2nd Terry Nutt 4 points, 3rd Peter Burrell 9 points, 4th John Gretton 11 points, 5th John Bullough and 6th Bob Parrish both 12 points

A perfect 3 section wins gsve Bernie the£150 winners purse closely followed by festival organiser Terry Nutt who picked up £130. Pete Burrell 2 time festival winner picked up £100 for 3rd with John Gretton picking up £70 for 4th

The main weights at Tern were carp 2nd day at Ryleys were mixed bags, same on the canal but with Tony Keeling ruing the loss of 3 big bream