Following reports of a few dead carp/fish in distress (including a suspicion of possible KHV) we have had the Environment Agency visit to check the water/provide advice.

With no dead fish evident on the day of the visit KHV could not be confirmed, and it seems most likely we have a ‘seasonal’ algal bloom – which results in dissolved oxygen levels fluctuating and stressing the fish, particularly as they come out of their winter dormancy.

Anglers can help the fishery during this period by not overfeeding bait and not keeping fish in keepnets (we have a rule banning the keeping of fish over 3lb in keepemets anyway).

In the interests of good fishery hygiene, members are reminded of the benefits of thoroughly drying landing/keep nets between trips to different waters.

As with any of our waters, the Committee would appreciate receiving reports/photos of any dead or seemingly injured/ill fish seen or caught.