On the afternoon of Sunday 16th July, from 3pm to around 6pm, Preeswood Pool will be used for a ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ event, a free coaching event aimed at encouraging youngsters to consider angling as a hobby/pastime/sport- and run for the club by the Get Hooked on Fishing charity. In return they only ask:

a/ For loan of a club water – which HAC is happy to provide.

b/ If any club members have spare items of fishing tackle, would they consider donating them to the charity for re-use by youngsters wishing to start fishing. You can drop them off with Terry Nutt beforehand or bring them along on the day.

b/ Some club members attend to assist with general advice/coaching on the day.

Marcus Watkin is the main organiser of this event on behalf of the club, and has already emailed members with a request for assistance. If you’d like to confirm your help or contact Marcus with any queries, please e-mail m.watkin1@btinternet.com