Results of the Open match fished at Ryleys Pool on Sunday 26-11-2018. With the water still clear and cold the carp were hard to find. The winner a non club member Nick Mynard 8-1-0 ( A carp of 7lb. plus caught on paste and a small Chub down the margins off peg 4.) 2nd. Terry Nutt 5-11-0 ( 1 carp caught first put in and some bits out of the channel on peg 22.) 3rd. Dave Davies 5-1-0 ( A small carp some F1s and bits caught mainly on maggot off peg 12.) 4th. John Gretton ( A carp caught early on and a few bits on bread off peg 24.) With Nick Mynard being a non club member meant that Terry Nutt took the £30-00 Shepleys meat voucher, Dave Davies the £20-00 Shepleys meat voucher and John Gretton the bottle of scotch from the Fur and Feather prizes.