With the new stock added and settling down the pool continues to improve. 1st Terry Nutt 57-7-0 (With some good feeder practice recently in Ireland, fished a long distance feeder to the island opposite peg 6, caught steadily on sweetcorn throughout the match.) 2nd. Calvyn Peate 42-11-0 ( Again fishing the feeder against the island caught on pellet off peg 12.) 3rd. Andy Peate 20-15-0 ( 3 good carp caught late, on pole fished paste off peg 5.) There was a tie for 4th place 20-10-0 Ian Ellis ( Carp and a Bream and bits off peg 3.) and carp angler Eric Brown ( Just a single carp; the same carp caught last match at 20-03-0).