This water was acquired in 2015 and is located in Ashley, nr Loggerheads on the A53 a few miles East of Market Drayton. There are three spring fed pools here, but members can only fish the Top Pool and the Bottom Pool – the little pool in between is intended as a non-fishing stock pool only.

The Top Pool is perhaps the easiest to access/fish, and has been re-stocked with silver fish and some Crucian Carp. It alos has a few Tench and large Carp {19lb and 10lb caught by Match Secretary].

The Bottom Pool is a slightly wilder water, with a few wily carp plus a good head of Rudd and Roach – and who knows what else? !

The banks of the top pool, in particular, are uneven in places and have tree roots protruding, so please take care when moving about.


Access to this club water is only via the car park entered through a field gate opposite the old [up for sale] fire station in Ashley – just past the Peel Arms pub.

THE LAST ANGLING CLUB TO HAVE THIS WATER LOST IT DUE TO MEMBERS LETTING SHEEP OUT OF THE FIELD! – SO BEWARE OF THE SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR ACCESS – Park outside the road gate and enter on foot, then close it before shooing any sheep through the inner gate and out of car park area. Close the inner gate [to contain any sheep]. Then open the outer gate and drive in and park. Walk across the field, approx 50 m, and the Top Pool is in front of you. A short walk to the left past the stock pool brings you to the gate into the Bottom Pool. Would the last angler to leave, after exiting with their car, please open the inner gate into the car park area – to let the sheep graze it again.

Please note usual club rules apply, as reinforced by owners own particular rule shown here.