IMPORTANT – Following an outbreak of Carp Herpes Virus (KHV) at one of our waters in 2021, it is vital that (where provided) members use the disinfectant dip tanks to treat all nets and unhooking mats before and after fishing. Completely drying wet nets/unhooking mats at home (in the open air and preferably in full sunshine) is a further good precaution against unwittingly passing on this nasty disease.

This set of pools is located on your left on the road from Hodnet to Weston under Redcastle, as marked with an ‘X’ on the map.

It’s a mature water consisting of two linked (Top and Bottom} pools, and is used as a mixed fishery match/pleasure fishing pool.

There 25 pegs of which nos 12 – 17 have been fully adapted to suit wheelchair users – including access from the parking area to the pegs. This work was done with the aid of a grant from the National Lottery.

Depths range from 2 – 3 feet in the upper pool and between 2 – 5 feet in the lower pool.

The pools are well stocked with silver fish and carp.

Some photos can be seen in the gallery below.