No angling club can operate without some rules – and all HAC members are expected to abide by ours.

Our rules are found in two main documents, our Constitution (Which sets out how the club is run, how to join the commitee and how to propose a resolution for debate at the AGM, etc) and our Angling rules (which set out how members are expected to fish). You can follow the links below to download either document:

our (2020) Constitution

our updated (2017) Angling Rules

The Angling Rules are reproduced on the Club Membership Card; and a shortened version also applies to all Temporary Members, i.e. those fishing our Club Waters on a Members’ Guest or Public Day Ticket, as an Open Match participant or taking part in Coaching events or external Club hirings, etc. A copy of the rules applying to Temporary Members will be provided with any related documentation/Day Ticket.

Members of Serck Audco Angling Club (SAAC) are able to fish between Bridges 51 – 55 of our stretch of the Canal, which includes use of the water for SAAC club and open matches. Whilst so fishing, SAAC members must abide by the relevant portions of HAC Angling Rules and, where not in conflict with HAC ones, their own club rules too. SAAC Member rules can be downloaded HERE.

Whilst all our club rules are important, Members must pay particular attention to the Angling Rules when attending or fishing Club Waters, plus any related notices or additional rules displayed on site. Members found by The Committee to be in breach of HAC Angling Rules shall be liable to disciplinary action by The Club, which for breach of rules 2.4 (Rule 24) and 2.6 (Rule 26) may result in a life ban on Membership of Hodnet Angling Club.