Moston Pools & River Roden

IMPORTANT – Following an outbreak of Carp Herpes Virus (KHV) at one of our waters in 2021, it is vital that (where provided) members use the disinfectant dip tanks to treat all nets and unhooking mats before and after fishing. Completely drying wet nets/unhooking mats at home (in the open air and preferably in full sunshine) is a further good precaution against unwittingly passing on this nasty disease.

In 2021 we were pleased to re-acquire the pools at Moston (Main Pool plus the small Lane Pool), plus a stretch of the River Roden nearby – downstream of Lee Brockhurst.


The Main Pool is located by the side of the road and is readily accessible from there (but is not wheelchair friendly), with the small field pool down the lane more of a lone angler ‘wild’ challenge! Limited parking exists on the roadside verges by both pools.

Older members will remember Moston Pools as a bush lined and pretty weed choked venue – but full of fish. Since those times the pool has been dredged, enlarged and 10 decent swims are now available. The pools contain plenty of Rudd, Roach, Perch and some Carp, and are a good venue for youngsters learning to fish – or maybe for them to show adults how to do it !

This map shows the general location of the pools – on a minor road between Hodnet and Lee Brockhurst.

This map shows the location of roadside (verge) parking and the two pools available to fish – the pools marked with a red cross are either non-fishing (stock) pools or (across the road) not part of our lease.



For anglers who like peace and beauty with their fishing, and don’t mind walking ‘light tackle’ to reach/use it, this is a lovely stretch of the River Roden. Our water is on the left hand bank and starts approx 1/4 mile downstream of the A49 road bridge then runs downstream until near the end of cliff side woods.

This bit of river has been shown to have a number of wild [brown] trout in it and most likely some Chubb, Dace and possibly Roach too – please do let us know what you discover.

Note. A closed season for coarse fishing exists, on this water from 15th March to 15th June, inclusive. However, game (fly) fishing is permitted during this period. Conversley, EA rules include a closed season for game fishing from 8th October to 17th March each year.

Parking is on the roadside verge just north of the road bridge, next to a former chapel converted to a home, and can be located by the sign on the metal field gate. Extra parking can be found by the village green in Lee Brockhurst, just down the A49.

The farmer asks that anglers walk around the edge of the first field to its end, where another metal gate leads down to the riverside pasture. Beyond the pasture field length, our stetch of water continues through some woods – which are likely to be less accessible in summer [Nettles!].

The upper and lower limits of our stretch are clearly defined by a fence/signs, so please venture no further.

The map below and photos show what you can expect.






Roadside access gate

Upper limit of fishing

Lower limit of fishing







Gate into wooded stretch







Bend near access point

Bend in pasture field



Pasture field stretch, near woods




Wooded stretch