Moston Pools & River Roden

IMPORTANT – Following an outbreak of Carp Herpes Virus (KHV) at one of our waters in 2021, it is very important that members fishing here (and at our other still water pools) use the disinfectant net dip tanks now provided. These must be used before and after fishing. Drying wet nets/unhooking mats at home after use (in the open air and preferably in full sunshine) is a further good precaution against unwittingly passing on this nasty disease to other places.

In 2021 we were pleased to re-acquire the pools at Moston (Main plus the small Field pool), plus a stretch of the River Roden nearby – downstream of Lee Brockhurst.

The main pool by the side of the road is currently readily accessible via roadside gates (but is unfortunately not wheelchair friendly), with the small field pool down the lane more of a lone angler ‘wild’ challenge!

Details of parking/access to the river are still being sorted, so no fishing of the river until further news posted here.

Older members will remember Moston Pools as a bush lined and weed choked venue, hard to fish but brimful of them. Since those times the pool has been dredged, enlarged and better swims are now available. Plenty of silver fish and some carp are known to be in there, but let us know what else you discover!

This map shows the general location of the pools on a minor road between Hodnet and Lee Brockhurst.

This map shows the roadside (verge) parking and pools available to fish – the pools marked with a red cross are either non-fishing (stock) pools or (across the road) not part of the deal.