Improvements are planned for Betton Pool in 2024. Until they are completed fishing may not be quite what you expect, not least as it has now been netted and had some of its stock of carp removed.

Work began in earnest with a succesful work party at the end of February to clear some trees/bushes along the rear-side, the aim being to let in more light and air, and thus hopefully help improve water quality.

Thereafter, we intend to repair some of the fishing platforms and spray most of the lillies with herbicide. Later, subject to landowner consent, we are looking at dredging and/or enlarging the pool before re-stocking later in the year.

The long term aim is to create a nice pleasure fishing water, dominated by Crucians and Tench, and which does not suffer from low oxygen levels in summer

Further news will be posted HERE as the situation changes.