Goldstone Pools

IMPORTANT – Following an outbreak of Carp Herpes Virus (KHV) at one of our waters in 2021, it is vital that (where provided) members use the disinfectant dip tanks to treat all nets and unhooking mats before and after fishing. Completely drying wet nets/unhooking mats at home (in the open air and preferably in full sunshine) is a further good precaution against unwittingly passing on this nasty disease.

We have two pools available at Goldstone:

Goldstone Top (‘Common’) Pool

This is located in a very attractive spot, and is a well stocked mixed fishery used by the club as pleasure/match pool. It has a range of well maintained, largely slabbed, pegs and is easily accessible from the adjacent lane. Vehicle parking is just inside gate.

Some photos can be seen below

General view

Lily Patch

Fishing Platform

Basking carp

Goldstone Bottom Pool

This spring fed pool is a wilder more mysterious pool than Top Pool. It contains some nice carp and a few catfish. In 2023 a new otter proof fence was finalised, so please ensure that the gates are kept closed/locked and the fence is not climbed or otherwise damaged – your future fishing depends upon it!

Note. Fishing is only allowed from the designated swims on the left hand bank.

The pool is located towards the far end of the field – as marked by an ‘X’ on the map below – that is on your right as you approach the bridge over the canal before the Wharf Tavern at Goldstone.

You can park by the roadside, but please don’t block the gate. If the field is dry and you have a suitable vehicle you can drive across it and park by the pool – but take care to stick to the [indistinct] track though – if you get stuck its your responsibility to get out!

Some photos can be seen below.