If you wish to join, or renew your membership we strongly urge you to use the new Clubmate system, via one of two routes:

1/ Existing Members who have provided HAC with an email during a previous Membership Year.

Your membership details are already uploaded to the Clubmate system. Using that email address you will be able to log in and renew using this LINK.

If you cannot trace your email, wish to use a different one or are having technical difficulties please contact Paul Edwards (email preferred – steady2207@gmail.com) or, failing that, speak to the Membership Secretary: Geoff Perkins.

2/ New Members/Existing Members without a registered email

To use the clubmate system you will need to create a new account HERE.


In either case follow the Clubmate system prompts to update/create your profile, accept the terms and conditions and then move to pay online by card. You will then be emailed your membership confirmation, which will need to be printed off and either have a photo attached or be accompanied by recognised Photo ID when fishing to become valid. (Note. If you do not have a printer, please forward the email to a friend who has, or renew somewhere with computer access to a printer, e.g. Market Drayton Library).

Your auto generated membership confirmation will include brief membership details and the coming season’s gate code.

Your stored (registered) email will become your key Clubmate identifier, but you will also be allocated a membership number that will stay the same year to year – if you renew.

If you truly are unable to use email/internet services then you will need to complete a current paper Membership Form, downloadable from HERE and arrange to take it to our Membership Secretary, Geoff Perkins, who lives in Hodnet.

Geoff will need a fully completed form togther with the correct fee (cash or cheque payable to Hodnet Angling Club) and other items* – see below. Please check with Geoff by ‘phone first (07974 535377) that it is convenient to visit, and please only ring/visit during sociable hours.

*You will also need to provide:

– A passport sized photograph for your Membership Card – or show that you have recognised Photo ID, e.g. passport, driving licence, railcard, bus pass.

– Evidence for any concession sought, e.g. older member, disabled or student memberships – see below.

Note. All member’s data collected as part of the membership process, or other means, is managed in accordance with our GDPR Policy, available HERE.

MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES AND FEES (From 1/4/2023 – no changes for 2024) :

Please also read the General Notes at the foot of this page:

Category 1 – Junior Members^ (Free) = £0

Those aged below 12 years (at April 1st  each year).

Category 2 – Junior Members^ (Concessionary) = £14

Those aged 12 to 16 years old inclusive (at April 1st each year)

Category 3 – Full Members (Concessionary) = £37

  • Those aged 65 years old or over (at April 1st each year)
  • Those with officially recognised Disabilities (e.g. mobility/visual impairments)
  • Students aged 17 – 21 inclusive (at April 1st each year) who are in full time education.

(All subject to proof of status, e.g. Age ID; Blue Parking badge/Disability Living Allowance letter; Student Union card, etc – and otherwise at discretion of Membership Secretary)

Category 4 – Full Members = £50

Those aged 17 years old or over (at April 1st each year) who are not eligible for any other Membership Category

Category 5 – Full Members – Winter (1st Nov – 31st Mar) = £25 (Concessionary) or £35 (Full)

For those otherwise eligible for the Full Members (Concessionary) or Full Members categories (3 and 4) above, who join for/within the ‘winter’ period shown.

Category 6 (a or b) – Day Tickets- for those aged at least 12 years old^, and available, at least one day in advance, from the Membership Secretary or via Clubmate.

a) Public Day Ticket (Shrops Union Canal, bridges 51-55 only) = £3

Note. Ticket only valid on date shown. £10 fee for persons found fishing without a valid ticket.

b) Member’s Accompanied Guest Ticket (all Club Waters except canal at Market Drayton Marina, ie bridges 63 – 64) = £5

Note. Ticket only vaid on date shown and the guest must be accompanied by the sponsoring Full Member – with a maximum of 2 Guest Tickets per named guest per Membership Year. If the guest joins HAC in the same Membership Year, any paid Day Ticket charges will be set against the normal membership fee – refer Membership Secretary.

Category 7 – Special – A range of differing fees – made available at discretion of the Committee:

General Notes.

i/ As per rule 1.4, where their names are noted on the Membership Card at the time of issue, a Full Member can take one accompanying person, at a time, from their own Family* fishing on Club Waters without charge – as a Temporary Member.

  • ‘Family’ shall mean the Full Member’s married, civil or co-habiting partner or any of their children^ aged up to 16 years (inclusive).

The above means that if a Full Member has anyone in their Family (as defined) that they may in the year ahead wish to take fishing with them, they need to name them in advance on the Membership form/card. If they have two people that they think they may wish to take fishing at the same time, then one of them will need to obtain their own Membership Card.

ii/ ^ For insurance reasons, anyone fishing Club Waters who is aged below 12 years old must be Directly Supervised~ by an accompanying adult (whether a Member or not) aged 21 years or over.

~ ‘Directly Supervised’ shall mean that the accompanying adult is located in the same, or an adjoining, peg/swim.