Hodnet Angling Club were the hosts for this year’s Division 2 National match angling competition, held on the 14th September 2019 and run in conjunction with the Canal and River Trust and the Angling Trust.

This prestigious event saw 42 teams fishing, with most of the match fished on our club’s own extensive canal waters, but a few lengths were held on waters loaned by neighbouring club’s. Although the weather on the day was terrific (for sun bathing!) it wasn’t perhaps ideal for fishing, not least as it came on the back of a changeable week beforehand. As a result some teams/anglers struggled to catch well.

The key results are summarised here: team winners (and other photos) can be found below.

Individual Weights

1st Colin Harris Browning Northants  11Kg 480gms

2nd Davis Gorton East Lynx Match Squad  7Kg 900gms

3rd Tim Worsnop  Matrix Halifax  5kg 690gms

Team Points

1st Crewe Match Group  354 pts  23Kg 760gms (Team weight)

2nd Wigan Match Group  332 pts  19Kg 610gms

3rd Browning Northants  327 pts  29Kg  830gms

Best Hodnet Club Performers

Dave Matson  34 points

Les Olszewski  33 points

1st – Crewe Match Team, below.

2nd were the Browning Northants Team, below, who had amongst their midst the individual match winner Colin Harris – with an impressive weight of 11.48 KG.

Colin Harris

3rd were Wigan Match Team, below.

Great reports were received, both before and after the match, about our club’s Dave Watkins’ thorough organisation, ably assisted by Terry Nutt and others from our club. A huge amount of work goes on ‘behind the scenes’ if such events are to run smoothly, much of it a testament to Dave’s special interest and commitment.

Dave giving his introductory talk at the presentation ceremony

Grateful thanks are due to all who assisted, plus of course all those who took part.

One of the many ‘Weighing in’ at the end of the match.