Ahead of the end of our lease in June, Plews Pool was professionally electrofished last Friday and the fish moved to one of our other waters*. The team doing the work remarked on the amount of Otter damage exhibited by the fish and how apparently on edge [spooked] they were by the predation – which made it harder for the team to catch them and may explain some of the dissapointing fishing experienced by some club members in recent times.

Fuelled by this finding, the day turned into something of a rescue mission; at the end of which we had captured and transferred 11 large Carp (in the 25 – 11lb range), one medium sized Tench and around 30 Bream (around the 4lb mark).  A few Pike and Eels were seen, but not moved, and almost no small silver fish were seen at all – presumed eaten by the goosanders and cormorants that have used the pool as a feeding stop the past few years!

Of course its unlikely we have all the specimen fish out, a couple of large Koi Carp certainly evaded capture. So if any member wishing to fish for them (before our lease ends) captures them, please keep them safe in a keepnet and give Terry Nutt a call – as it may prove possible to transfer them individually. WARNING – Members must not remove/move any fish without authorisation, it is against the law and a breach of our club rules.

Tight lines!

* Members who wish to know where the fish were moved to can speak to a committee member.