As some of our members know, Preeswood Pool can now be fished. Its earlier closure, due to sightings of carp in distress, led to investigations by the Fish Health Inspectorate, who confirmed an outbreak of Carp Herpes Virus (KHV) infection at this water.

This is an unpleasant and often fatal disease affecting carp, and now it has occurred it is likely to always subsist at this venue.

It is most likely to have arrived at Preeswood via contaminated angling equipment, typically damp nets and unhooking mats etc, that had previously been used on another water that had a KHV infection.

IMPORTANT – To protect our other still waters, and indeed any others you may fish that do not belong to the club, it is very important that members fishing here (and at our other pools) use the disinfectant net dip tanks now provided. These must be used before and after fishing. Drying wet equipment at home in the open air, and preferably sunshine, is a further good precaution against unwittingly passing on the disease to other places.