In line with new ‘phase 1’ Government Covid 19 guidelines, and related advice from the Angling Trust and the Canal and River Trust, we are re-opening all our Club Waters from Wednesday 13th May 2020.

In doing so, we wish to ensure the continued safety of our members so the re-opening is under the following terms. Please ensure you understand and accept them before venturing out!


IMPORTANT. These additional rules now form part of the club’s Angling Rules and failure to follow them, or causing related offence/nuisance to other anglers/users, will be treated as a serious disciplinary offence – which could lead to expulsion from The Club.

a/ Fishing allowed in designated swims only.
b/ Adjacent swims must not be used if they are less than 4 metres apart (to help maintain ‘social distancing’).
c/ Only one angler per swim, unless being shared with other members of your household, e.g. a child/partner member of The Club.
d/ No matches.
e/ No keep nets.
f/ Leave nothing of yours behind which you have touched – which, of course, includes taking your waste/litter home!

The Club also recommends that you wash your hands/use gel after touching gates/padlocks/handrails, etc, and that you avoid close contact with/respect the privacy of others who may be at the water.

*These rules/terms of access will be kept under review and may be adjusted as felt necessary – keep an eye on the website or our facebook pages.

Amended 27th May 2020 – D/ and E/ deleted, see separate post re Club Matches Resuming

Observance of these rules should help to keep you/others safe whilst fishing. However, remember you are primarily responsible for your safety – so do take care, and fish responsibly.

A/ OBTAIN YOUR 2020 – 2021 CLUB CARD – See important previous post HERE. Above all, please respect the privacy/any desire for ‘social distancing’ of Roger Higginson and his family and follow his directions.
– Clubcard renewals (not new memberships) can still be handled by post if you prefer, see previous post [as above].
– If you already this years clubcard the gate code has been changed back to match the number shown on it.


We also recommend that you keep abreast of the Covid 19 guidance on the Angling Trust’s website, see HERE and
the general advice from Canal and River Trust (CRT) HERE