Further to the previous post, we unfortunately have to report an incidence of an angler trying to fish Hammersley’s Pool – contrary to the club’s closure instructions.

Even more serious, on so many levels, when challenged to leave by the water’s owner the person involved was abusive/argumentative.

Please be clear, such behaviour will not be tolerated by the club. Any member found to have breached the temporary closure rule will face disciplinary action – with a life ban likely.

Angling may seem like a solitary activity, but it isn’t if we all try and do it! …… In any event, it is against current government rules.

Not only does the club’s reputation/ability to lease waters depend upon our members observing the rules, it is also necessary to minimise risk – and potentially save your and other people’s lives.

To help reinforce the point, all our waters now have the enclosed closure notice posted. In addition, water’s with lockable gates have had the padlock codes changed.

If you know of any members who do not have e-mail/web access [a surprising number appear not to] do them a favour and tell them of the current restrictions.

Please respect this notice/our rules.

Look after yourselves and others, and hunker down until happier times prevail.