Ryleys Pool – Fish Refuge Project 2023

A gloomy day in mid November saw a small work party start the main installation of the 4 new fishing platforms, which will include fish refuges beneath them – the aim being to reduce predation by cormorants, which have been a significant problem for the club.

Funding for most of the cost is coming from an Environment Agency grant – so, another good reason to ensure you buy a rod licence !

The task on the day was made easier by the earlier [hole digging] attention in the preceeding week by Geoff Perkins and a trial installation by Steve Booth. As the pictures show, the limited working space coupled with the size and weight of the platforms tested the group attending (Geoff, Steve, Richard, Josh, Tony and Chris), but a combination of enginuity and brute force saw the job completed before rain stopped play.

Further work is being undertaken to complete the installation, i.e. adding the decking, then fish refuge netting to the platform edges followed by a floating vegetation barrier, all togther with raising of the adjacent passing path to enable easier access.

Please do not attempt to use or access the platforms [safety and disturbance risk!] until advised that the work is complete.

Photos from 1st session

Photos from second session – Decking installation and levelling







Photos from 3rd session – Building up paths to level of platforms