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Preeswood Pool Event – 16th July

On the afternoon of Sunday 16th July, from 3pm to around 6pm, Preeswood Pool will be used for a ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ event, a free coaching event aimed at encouraging youngsters to consider angling as a hobby/pastime/sport- and run for the club by the Get Hooked on Fishing charity. In return they only ask:

a/ For loan of a club water – which HAC is happy to provide.

b/ If any club members have spare items of fishing tackle, would they consider donating them to the charity for re-use by youngsters wishing to start fishing. You can drop them off with Terry Nutt beforehand or bring them along on the day.

b/ Some club members attend to assist with general advice/coaching on the day.

Marcus Watkin is the main organiser of this event on behalf of the club, and has already emailed members with a request for assistance. If you’d like to confirm your help or contact Marcus with any queries, please e-mail



BEWARE – Canal fishing? Check dates

If planning to fish our canal waters between now and Aug you need to beware of various qualifier/practice matches that may be taking place on various sections ahead to the ‘national’ on Aug 19th.

See details HERE


3 Day Festival – Results

Day 1: Preeswood Pool

1st John McCann22-6-0 2nd Ian Watson 19-2-0 3rd Roy Cooper 18-6-0

Day 2: Ryleys Pools

Terry Blyde 22-9-0 2nd Pete Burrell 13-7-0 3rd Dan Yale 12-12-0

Day 3: S/U Canal Betton

1st Pete Burrell 19-12-0 2nd ColinRoberts 12-4-0 3rd Bob Parrish 9-2-0

Overall winner Pete Burrell 4pts

2nd Colin Roberts 7pts 3rd Terry Blyde 8pts 4th Ian Watson 9pts  5th Roy Cooper 10pts

HAC Hosts 2017 Div 1 National – Beware canal water closures

As a club we are very proud to have been chosen to host this premier angling event, scheduled to take place on August 19th 2017, with much of the match being fished on our stretches of the Shropshire Union Canal, plus those of other nearby clubs.

This does mean that our canal waters will be closed on that day, and also on quite a few other days beforehand – all to accommodate various related open/practice matches plus the CRT Pairs match on August 13th.

Match dates will be shown in the new Clubcards (available shortly) but you can find full details of the events and canal sections involved HERE, together with MAPS of the Section lengths hereA – F  G – J and K 


AGM decisions

At AGM existing committee re-standing were re-elected.

Membership fees remain the same as last year, partly because we had increased income from more memberships – so keep spreading the word!

The main rule change agreed was that, as per EA rules, if you’ve got the right rod licecne you can fish more than one rod – but on our Club Waters only up to a max of 3 rods, and provided that you do so from one swim only and they stay under your direct control at all times, i.e. no leaving the swim with tackle in the water.

New club cards are being prepared and will be availbale shortly.

Tight Lines!

AGM – Wed 1st Feb 2017

Our AGM is nearly upon us, so please do consider coming along to hear about the Club’s succesful past year and what lies ahead.

The meeting is held at Hodnet Social Club and starts at 7.30PM – with light refreshments planned.

There are no plans to increase membership fees, but The Committee is planning to propose some changes to our Club Constitution, Angling Rules and Membership Categories, as outlined below:

a/ To amend Fishing Rule 2.1 of our Angling Rules to reflect the new EA rod licence terms [2 rod, 3 rod and 4 rod licences available from April 2017], but to impose a max 3 rod limit at club waters

b/ To amend Fishing Rule 2.3 to give The Committee the right to not only restrict our rules but also relax them on occasion, e.g. to accommodate special events.

c/ Amend our Constitution and related Schedule of Membership Fees to permit The Committee to grant free memberships to certain people, e.g. owners of Club Waters, and also in future long serving committee members.


HAC hosting of the CRT Pairs Qualifiers a success

Hodnet A/C hosted the first qualifying match of twelve national matches which sees 5 pairs from each match competing in a final later in the year. This match was sold out with 50 pairs [100 anglers] lining the banks of the Shroppie Union Canal at Goldstone.

Leading the individual stakes was local Newport remedial specialist Michael Nutt, with an excellent weight from one peg from the Oak Tree being a catch of mainly bream for 22-15-0; 2nd was Wayne Kearney from a peg in Hinstock Wood witha bag of 13-14-0; 3rd was Alan Crook with 12-14-8 by the Goldstone Boats; 4th Dave Mawby with 12-3-0; 5th Dave Edgerley with 11-1-0

There were 12 sections, the lowest section winning weight was 7-1-0

Leading pairs were Alan Crooke/Dave Bradley 96pts    Wayne Kearney/Daz Shaw 93pts   Paul Turner/Neil Turner88pts  Ben Sherrat/Jason Cunningham86pts Dave Edgerlly/Kevin Clarke 84pts

Teryy Nutt said “My thanks to all fellow organisers and helpers on the day and John Ellis C/R/T National Fisheries manager for his presence on the day. Hodnet have been entrusted with the Welsh Qualifying leg on the Llangollen Canal at Whixall on Saturday 8th October, and tickets are available through the angling trust on line. I must stress you do not have to be an individual member of the angling trust to enter.”

New Water at Goldstone

From 1/4/16 members can fish our new pool at Goldstone – the Top or ‘Common’ Pool – a former Market Drayton Anglers water.

Details HERE

Preeswood Progress

A spell of fine weather has enabled Martin to crack on with the work, and the scheme is entering its final stage.

The poolside paths have been levelled and part surfaced, and the new easy access (disabled access) pegs built.

The bank around the other side of the pool has been reduced in height/widened, making access to pegs that side easier too.

Work on the car park and approach paths plus construction of new pegs on the widened bank is proceeding.

The pool remains open for fishing, but clearly the contractor needs to have priority in terms of access to areas where they need to be working – and for safety reasons members cannot fish them at the same time.

New access path - top of pool

New access path – top of pool

View of pool corner

View of pool corner

New single peg

New single peg

New double peg

New double peg

New access path from car park

New access path from car park

Diseases & Invasive Species

This topic has an increasing importance as anglers, predators and wildlife inadvertently move items around the country.

Our membership rules already forbid fish movements, but members can play an important part in bio-security by paying heed to the useful information and advice recently issued to us by the Environment Agency, which can be downloaded from the links below:

Severn Newsletter

Keeping fish diseases out

Topmouth Gudgeon