Shropshire Union Canal

We have two stretches of the canal, our original stretch by Goldstone – where by means of various agreements with other clubs we can offer HAC members access to adjacent stretches too, plus, from 2014, a new HAC ‘members only’ stretch at Market Drayton.

See maps below to ensure you are fishing the right areas at the right times!


Bridges 53-55 are leased to HAC, and bridges 51 – 53 are jointly leased with Wyche Angling Club.

Under a long standing reciprocal agreement, HAC Members can also fish the the Wyche Angling Club stretch (bridges 48 – 51) and the Wem Angling Club stretches (bridges 55 – 58).

Note. From 1/01/2013 an agreement has been made permitting members of Serck Audco Angling Club to fish a certain number of matches from bridges 53 – 55 only.

With over 120 pegs available and good access, this stretch of the canal has been a popular feature of the club for over 25 years.

Species include double figure Carp, Chub up to 5lb, Bream to 3lb, with the usual stocks of Gudgeon, Perch and Roach.

This water is recognised in the wider Midlands and North West, with several big competitions having been run on it, e.g. the Embassy Pairs, Angling Times Winter League semi finals, Fishmania and the National Championships.

Day tickets can be obtained in advance from the Membership Secretary, and club/match bookings can be made too.

Some pictures of the Goldstone stretch can be seen in the gallery below.


After various issues with unauthorised fishing and angling conflict with boat owners, the Canal and Rivers Trust (CRT) has leased the canal between bridges 61 (Tyrley) and 66 (Betton Wood) to HAC at special terms, i.e. the water is to be visited by our bailiffs daily and some SPECIAL RULES MUST BE OBSERVED – the club’s reputation, and your membership, depends upon compliance!

Special Rules:

Members only – NO day tickets available. However, match bookings can be considered.

Fishing from towpath bank only.

Fishing will be allowed all the year round, i.e. no closed season, EXCEPT:

NO FISHING is allowed in the small marina stretch (between Bridges 62-63) at any time

NO FISHING is allowed in the big marina stretch (between Bridges 63-64) from 1st April to 30th Sept (inclusive).

When fishing the big marina stretch, casting tackle and throwing bait adjacent to the boat moorings is only allowed as far as the end of the boat landing platforms, and under no circumstances are poles or other fishing equipment to be fed through/over garden hedges/fences, etc.

Members breaking any of these rules will be asked to vacate the water immediately by the Water Bailiff, and be subject to disciplinary action by the Angling Club.

Market Drayton Canal - HAC