Following the AGM, there are a few changes for members to be aware of this coming year.

1/ Membership fees remain unchanged, except for the addition of a new formal category of ‘winter’ only/late joining membership.

2/ We are toughening our stance of Members having both a printed copy of the membership card, i.e. your Clubmate doc or an ‘old fashioned’ Clubcard, and that you have attached a photo to them or are otherwise carrying recognised photo ID.

3/ Our Constitution and Angling Rules have been amended to reflect above and a few other changes. Updated Angling Rules will be posted on new notice boards at most of our Club Waters, but Members are specifically alerted to the imposition of a maximum of two rods when fishing rule and that Juniors in age category 12 to 16 years of age no longer have to be accompanied by an Adult.

Please visit the relevant web pages of this site to view/download further information.