Here are the results of the 2018 3 day festival.

Fri 8th June Preeswood pool:

1st Roy Cooper 41-9 2nd Steve Parker 38-14 3rd Terry Blyde 31-10.

Sat 9th June Ryleys Pool:

1st Bob Parrish 8-11 2nd Pete Burrell 8-0 3rd DanYale 7-4.

Sun 10 June S/U Canal Goldstone:

1st Pete Burrell 16-10 2nd Dan Yale7-13 3rd Terry Blyde 6-15-15

Overall Terry Blyde 4pts, 2nd Dan Yale 6pts, 3rd Pete Burrell 7pts 4th on weight Steve Parker/Colin Roberts/Bob Parrish all 9pts Roy Cooper 10pts